Community Good Award finalist: Creatipix

Mark Jackson, Founder of Creatipix, was nominated seven times for our Community Good Award.  When we rang Mark to let him know he was a finalist in the category, he was a bit surprised because he didn’t even know he’d entered it. “I did a bit of digging and found ...
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Community Good Awards Finalist: RPM Retail

When the country went into lockdown last year pharmacies were allowed to operate, but they weren’t allowed to let people into their stores. This caused a lot of issues, such as queuing and customers having to wait in their cars for a very long time. RPM Retail, a data anal...
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Our first Community Good Award finalist to be announced for 2021 is Natalie White, Owner and Creative Director of Magic Fingers Graphics. Nat strives to give back to her community every year and last year was no exception, in fact, Covid pushed her to give even more. Two of ...
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Our past award winners thrived at our inaugural Launch conference and can’t wait to head back this year. Tonia Hill, brand strategist and website designer started her business, Crisp Graphics, in 2003 and has never looked back. Rebranding to become Greenhouse Creative in 2...
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