With a mix of panels, workshops and interactive sessions we’ve carefully selected a range of topics to accelerate your journey to web design expert status.


20th April, 8.30am-4pm approx 
Registrations Open from 7.45am 

Rocketspark opening keynote

Join us for the official welcome - A chance for you to see just how far we've come, and where we're headed. Presented by Grant Johnson, Jeremy Johnson and Jason Tiller, this session will cover off our business strategy, product development and our vision for our Partners for 2021 and beyond.

Growth by Design

Are you ready to be inspired by one of our great Rocketspark Partners? Tonia Hill will take you on her journey of how she's grown and streamlined her business to be in control of the projects she wants to do. She will share her learnings on the value of a long term view with her clients, and she may even share a few secrets on how she's won so many 'partner site of the month' awards and the value of the Rocketspark community.

Behind the scenes of award winning design

Listen and learn from some top Rocketspark Partners (Tonia HillNatalie White and Liora Pine) as they discuss their journey of design success. Facilitated by Jeremy Johnson, he'll be drawing out some great insights that you can apply to your own design learnings. Make sure you come armed with some great questions for the Q&A section.

Winning the business you want

This session will give you some topline tools to ensure that you're always putting your best foot forward. Learn how to make sure you're finding new clients and keeping the current ones. From generating leads to nailing your proposals, Jason Tiller will have you coming away with a solid approach to getting new business. We'll also cover how our referral system works, and how you can take advantage of it to grow your business.

Social media success

Building trust with your clients and potential clients is more important than ever. Your social media presence is a key part of that. Kendyl Haultain of Make Social Click is highly regarded for her ability in helping others to maximise their social activity. This session is ideal as a refresher for those in the know, or a great intro to those who aren't.

Lunch and networking

Breakout Session - Stream 1

Starting with ecommerce

Ecommerce is a big, fast growing, great opportunity for designers. This session is designed for those new to, or not confident with, ecommerce. We'll start from the beginning with an in depth look at getting an ecommerce site setup. We'll cover off some basic principles including:

- Managing ecommerce projects well
- Ecommerce design principles
- Managing products
- Client handover
- Sales and promotions
- Ecommerce marketing basics

Breakout Session - Stream 2

Become an ecommerce expert

You'll shape the agenda for this session for those that already have some ecommerce projects completed. Submit the topics you'd like covered here

Check out these thought starters:
- The rise of unorthodox ecommerce (food boxes, digital downloads)
- How to get the best out of inventory integrations
- Help, the ecommerce site I built is not generating sales
- My client has a super specific use case for ecommerce, how do I make it work?
- Is the Ecommerce Pro plan worth the investment for my client?
- How can I manage ecommerce projects better?

Topic submissions close April 1st

Project management perfection

So, you've won a new website job. Now what? Jason Tiller covers off the next steps to make sure your web projects are a success, from start to finish. He'll talk about website strategy 'must do's', managing expectations, as well as a website launch checklist and much more.

Partner awards dinner

6 pm — Late

The Rocketspark Partner Awards are a celebration of partner business success and design skill. Tuesday 20th April 6:00pm - late. Check out the Awards that are up for grabs. 

Speakers Announced


21st April, 9am-4.45pm approx 

Welcome back

Breakout Session - Stream 1

Core web design essentials

The digital design workshop is aimed at those new to web design, or those that feel like they need a refresher of the basics. Learn along with our design team as they talk through the Rocketspark Design Vision and how you can apply it to your projects to make them as effective as possible.

Breakout Session - Stream 2

Next level art direction 

This session is for those at the top of their design game and are looking for the next thing that will take them to another level. Jeremy Johnson will workshop some advanced design techniques, including web vector animations, scroll interactions, 3D modelling and illustration.

Breakout Session - Stream 1

Business success fundamentals

Get your business right with our Business Basics workshop. We'll cover off planning, pricing, client management and so much more. Bring your business pain points to discuss with the team and come away with a real, actionable plan.

Breakout Session - Stream 2

Brand story-telling 

“Today, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you also have to be a good storyteller.” - Sir Richard Branson. 
This Workshop is aimed at small businesses, like yours, to really nail your brand. Get ready to tell your story in a way that engages and persuades potential customers. You'll walk away with a new understanding of your business brand. We also think that it'll give you a better understanding of your client's brands and how to apply the learnings from this session to their businesses.

The boardroom in the bush

COVID-19 and it's subsequent effects has impacted many Rocketspark clients, the tourism industry especially so. Kylie Rae's innovation and pure will to make sure her tourism business, Nature and Nosh, survived is inspirational. She'll talk about how she shifted her focus from international visitors to local businesses, and the community of partners that helped this succeed.

Lunch and Networking

How to grow well

Hear from our partners Jo Jensen and Tonia Hill on how they have grown their businesses and how they did it. From marketing tips, to practical business advice. Rocketspark CEO, Grant Johnson, will also add his 2 cents about finding the right pieces to build a company and keep its culture.

Designing for ecommerce

Watch and learn as Jeremy Johnson takes you through the research and ideation around the new-look ecommerce designs you can produce. This session is a deeper dive into better visual merchandising, making sure you're using Rocketspark to the best of its ecommerce design capability as well as some best practice advice.

Designing for SEO & writing for design

Join Monica Shepherd and Tonia Hill as they discuss why the best web designers take care of SEO as they design. Learn about the nuances of SEO integration and what design fine tuning can look like. We'll walk you through how to identify key SEO elements and how best to position these on a page. Plus we'll take you through some FLINT FAQ's.

Product insights - Interactive session

Our roadmap is led by you. Grab a pile of post-it notes and get scribbling. This interactive session will be a fun way to share with the Rocketspark team the way that our features will help you design better, design faster and make your clients more successful.

Conference wrap up


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