Previous Launch award winners look forward to this year’s event

Our past award winners thrived at our inaugural Launch conference and can’t wait to head back this year.

Tonia Hill, brand strategist and website designer started her business, Crisp Graphics, in 2003 and has never looked back. Rebranding to become Greenhouse Creative in 2020. 

Tonia took out the Website of the year and Best ecommerce website awards at the 2018 Launch awards.
“Winning an award (actually two awards that I’m really proud of) at Launch was huge for me. Overall, it validated my thinking that I was doing a great job with the sites I was building for my clients. That in turn gave me the confidence to further expand my offering and level up again on the services that I offer. 

“It was a huge honour to be recognised by a group of professional peers in such a prestigious and public way.”

This year, she’s coming back to share some insights of how she’s grown her business, through collaboration and partnership with clients, contractors and Rocketspark over the past six years.

“I’m absolutely sure that you will all leave Launch feeling energised and inspired to take your businesses to new heights in 2021,” Tonia said.

Kath Boyd started OMG Digital Marketing Solutions in 2014 and got into building websites on Rocketspark in 2017.

“The dramatic speed with which Rocketspark has grown and continues to enhance the platform has been a real game changer for me. Especially compared to other website building platforms out there.”

Kath won the Fastest growing partner award at the 2018 Launch awards.

“Winning an award for me meant recognition of a job well done and acknowledgement of the work that went into, not only the actual building of a website, the building of relationships with clients.

“It was really special to have my efforts recognised by Rocketspark, who I view as a well-respected Kiwi company, and it has helped grow my confidence in myself and my business. Being self employed, it is great to feel a part of a community, something bigger than my one man (woman) band,” Kath said.

Amongst Kath’s Launch highlights was being given the opportunity to brainstorm and put forward ideas of where Rocketspark could go in the future. 
“Launch is a great place to meet the Rocketspark team and fellow design partners. Everyone is supportive and the atmosphere feels like one of success, it’s like ‘one for all and all for one’ is the motto. Not in a corny way, but in a really caring one.”

Shay Peat said her Repeatable business began solely because she found Rocketspark. 

“I had a design background and wanted to create websites to tell people’s business stories and create beautiful, easy to navigate sites that showcased small businesses' unique point of difference in their market.”

Not being super interested in technical things, she struggled to use other platforms and had no confidence in being able to hand them over to clients to self manage.

“Right when I was about to give up, a little Rocketspark ad popped up on Instagram and said exactly what I needed to hear. I tried Rocketspark and loved it.”

Shay won both the Best client impact and Partner of the year awards at the 2018 Launch awards.

“Winning the awards we did at Launch was a huge boost for our little business and gave us so much momentum. I know we had much work come our way because of the recognition and esteem it gave us, and we are so thankful. To see the other winners and their sites was hugely inspiring too.

“Attending Launch is a no-brainer for anyone who has anything to do with designing or maintaining a website (even if you’re totally new to Rocketspark), and starting or growing your web design business. The connections, the inspiration and the tools to gain are priceless,” Shay said. 

Nikita Williams, general manager at Metro Marketing, said Metro does what it does out of pure passion. 

“We have been part of the Rocketspark journey for almost three years now and they have gone from strength to strength. They listen, they innovate and they care about the success of each and every one of their partners,” she said.

Nikita won the Best branding package award at the 2018 Launch awards.

“We have never really been an agency who entered awards for recognition or accolades, we prefer to sit in the shadows and let our clients' success be ours, but the Rocketspark awards are a little different as they celebrate local talent and a community of collaboration.

“I will always recommend others to join in and be part of that - it’s a great opportunity to meet like minded businesses, create connections, learn and be inspired, and also be part of a collective journey,” Nikita said.

We’ve already had plenty of votes for website of the year, but we still want yours! Check it out here to place your vote by April 2. You can also apply for three other awards in the same spot, they are:

Best branding package: This award evaluates the quality of a branding project completed by a Rocketspark Design Partner that could include logo design, print design/packaging/ads, vehicles/signwriting.

Best client impact: Sales, leads, growth. This award is all about your client’s business success as a result of the website you built and the service and advice you provided them with. Now’s your chance to show us the numbers and demonstrate the strategies you’ve used to help take their business to the next level. 

Community Good awards: This award recognises a partner who has contributed and made an impact to their community or not for profit organisation/s over the prior year.

 Applications close March 26.


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