Launch speaker spotlight: Liora Pine

Originally born in California, Liora Pine, Creative Director of The Little Acre, spent years working in the graphic design industry before settling down in New Zealand in 2007. It was during her ‘design gypsy’ phase that she developed an understanding of what makes design work, not just aesthetically, but effectively.

With hands-on experience across a range of design businesses, from small creative studios to large agencies, Liora brought all that experience together with The Little Acre.
Liora brings her knowledge of owning an international e-commerce store herself to all her clients. She loves helping businesses tell their story through their branding and marketing.

Liora will be joining some of our other top Rocketspark Partners (Tonia Hill and Natalie White) to discuss their journey’s of design success. Facilitated by Jeremy Johnson, he'll be drawing out some great insights that you can apply to your own design learnings. Make sure you come armed with some great questions for this Q&A section.

What will you be speaking about at Launch?

I will be talking about my onboarding process and how I work with my clients to bring their vision into reality.

What advice would you give your 10-year-younger self, when it comes to your career path?

If I could give my younger self some words of wisdom, it would be that the hard work is worth it, just power through, trust your instincts and you’ll reap the rewards in the end.

Why should partners come to launch? What do you think they will gain from it?

I’m excited to be attending Launch this year, so I can spend some time on my business, networking with some amazing designers, copywriters, and other people in the industry. As we know, the industry can be quite lonely and isolating, so it’s fantastic to get together with another group of amazing creatives to share a couple of days of learning. 


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