Launch Speaker Spotlight: Kendyl Haultain

Why do some businesses seem to propel themselves online with social media whilst others struggle to gain traction? That’s the question that Make Social Click was founded on. Kendyl Haultain, Director of Make Social Click, is an entrepreneur with over 12 year's experience marketing businesses online. She works with brands to establish clever and unique marketing strategies that set them apart from their competitors.

At Launch, Kendyl will be speaking about your social media presence and how to build trust with your clients and potential clients online.

Why should partners come to launch? What do you think they will gain from it?

Now, I know what you might be thinking, maybe you’re feeling a little bit busy at the moment or a bit nervous, but I can give you this piece of advice: you never regret going to a conference, it’s not just the speakers, it’s the people that you get to hang out with as well. I guarantee you, you are going to be leaving totally inspired about your business.

What will you be speaking about at Launch?

I’m coming to speak all about social media. What the heck works? What doesn’t work? What should you be posting? How do you get more likes and comments on your page? How do you get more people to start following you or even find you on social media? 


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