Launch Speaker Spotlight: Grant Johnson

As the least technical of Rocketspark’s founders, CEO Grant Johnson, is always looking for ways to make the complex simple. His career prior to Rocketspark spanned a broad range of industries which provides a great depth of business knowledge. With his wife, Grant launched, grew and sold an online store which provided him with deep insight into what it takes to grow an ecommerce business.

At Launch, Grant will be speaking about business strategy, finding the right pieces to build a company and keep its culture, among other insights and tips and tricks he’s picked up along the way.

Why should partners come to launch? What do you think they will gain from it?

I’ve found a lot of the reasons people should come to Launch start with the letter F, and the first one is Fast forward.

Fast forward your business. What I’ve found with Rocketspark, when I’ve taken a step back and attended a conference and met with my peers in the software industry, I’ve taken a lot of steps forward. Launch is a chance to step back and in turn, take a lot of steps forward.

Follow, is the next word. Sometimes the best way forward is to follow others and see what they’re doing. At launch, we have a great lineup of speakers and partners coming to share their knowledge and they’re really happy to help you. 

The next reason to come is favour. We pass our “do it for me” leads to those partners that we know and trust. So, just by coming, and particularly meeting Jason and the wider team, that increases the likelihood of those referrals coming your way. Some of our best partners come to Launch, it’s a great way to grow your business.

Friends, follows favour, by coming to Launch you will make friends. We’ve had people who come from a large agency background and attend Launch who couldn’t believe that all these people from the same sector were sitting around tables sharing and helping each other. You’ll meet videographers, copywriters, designers and more, little hubs end up getting formed and genuine friendships are made.

Freedom, an interesting one! When we surveyed people after the last conference as to whether they’d come for one, two or three days, most said two. They said it was a nice chance to get away and be by themselves and focus on their business just for a couple of days. Many of our partners are busy parents and they love the freedom of leaving their kids at home and meeting with their peers and having a lot of fun.

Food! We will look after you well, you’ll be well fed and watered. 

And the last F is: find our why. We are very much focused on creating software and services that can change the world and we want to share that vision and our purpose with you so you can understand even more what the reasons are why you might join us on this journey.

What advice would you give your 10-year-younger self, when it comes to your career path?

I’d love to have done this, [Launch], a whole lot earlier than what we’ve done!

So, no more F’s, I’ll finish with a P, it’s a great chance to get together and celebrate and have a PARTY!


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