Launch speaker spotlight: Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson is the Co-founder and Head of Product here at Rocketspark. Jeremy balances his time between product management, UI design and the marketing of Rocketspark. He's passionate about crafting user experiences that are beautifully simple and people love to use. 

Before co-founding Rocketspark, Jeremy was a freelance graphic designer and experienced first-hand the frustrations of working with web developers and complicated content management systems when designing an overall branding package for clients.

At Launch, Jeremy will touch on product development, award winning design, design direction, a deep dive into better visual merchandising for e-commerce, and product insights.

What will you be speaking about at Launch?

I’ll be speaking in the keynote session on day one with Jason and Grant, looking at the roadmap, vision and design vision for Rocketspark and giving a bit of a behind the scenes of where things are going. We’ve got some really exciting features planned to share with you. 

The next session I’m involved in is hosting a designers panel. Some of our top design partners will be on a panel and I’ll be asking them questions around the techniques and the tricks that they’re using to really help improve their design craft. 

I’ll be speaking at some of the day two sessions too. The first one will be around next level art direction, so what are the techniques, technology, design tools that you can use to really lift that wow factor of your designs? We will be looking at things like utilising vector animations, on scroll animations, bringing after effects illustration in a website in a vector form, doing vector graphics instead of png graphics - so really bring that animative illustrative design to Rocketspark.

What advice would you give your 10-year-younger self, when it comes to your career path?

Always prioritise great design in your business. Don’t let time constraints or other limitations allow you to make compromises on design. Make sure your own business website branding is really well represented. 

Why should partners come to launch? What do you think they will gain from it?

There’s a few really key reasons. One is the community with each other, so learning from your peers, sharing about your challenges and opportunities, what’s worked in your business - everything from design to business processes. 

Another thing is community with the Rocketspark team. We will all be there, it’s an opportunity to meet us, meet our customer success team. It just really helps us to put a face to the name when we’re taking a support call from you, or we are thinking about referring a website lead to a designer.

And, in terms of upskilling, that’s a really key part of Launch. Packing all of this knowledge into two days is invaluable, it’s information that could take years to try and learn when weaving it into your normal busy business life.


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