Launch speaker spotlight: Tonia Hill

Tonia Hill is a brand strategist and website designer based in Auckland who designs with a carefully considered blend of purpose and creativity. Tonia has a clean, crisp design-style that she adapts to fit the values and individual personalities of her clients’ brands. Tonia works with clients across a broad range of industries and geographic locations and enjoys the challenge of getting to know a business and its customers intimately.

Tonia started her business, Crisp Graphics, in 2003 and has never looked back. Rebranding to become Greenhouse Creative in 2020, she’s done everything from running brand strategy group workshops to packaging and retail design, to creating content for award-winning websites and digital marketing campaigns. Tonia is a house-plant obsessed, green-fingered, designer who is seriously passionate about helping businesses to grow.

Tonia will be speaking about growing her design business as well as some great design best practices. Tonia will take you on her journey of how she's grown and streamlined her business to be in control of the projects she wants to do.

What will you be speaking about at Launch?

I’m coming to Rocketspark Launch this year to share with all of you some insights of how I’ve grown my business, through collaboration and partnership with my clients, with contractors and with Rocketspark over the past six years.

What advice would you give your 10-year-younger self, when it comes to your career path?

Advice that I would give my 10-year-younger self is to never underestimate the value of your relationships in business. The bottom line for me is always to do whatever I can to maintain a good business relationship. It’s also really important to make the distinction and to know which relationships are worth you investing in. 

So, that’s finding quality relationships with people whose values align with your own so that even if you work alone in your business, like I do, and I have done for the best part of 20 years, if you can build a network of referrers, alliances, contractors, partners and cheerleaders behind you, you will always have opportunities available to you and you will never feel alone. 

Why should partners come to launch? What do you think they will gain from it?

I encourage you to come along to Launch. Yes, to invest in yourselves and to invest in your businesses and in your professional development, but most importantly, for me, is to just be a part of that Rocketspark community and invest in those relationships. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you all there and getting reacquainted after a year of Zoomies and cancellations, I’m also looking forward to meeting the newest members of the Rocketspark community. I’m absolutely sure that you will all leave feeling energised and inspired to take your businesses to new heights in 2021.


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