Launch, it’s a chance to work on your business

Rachel Bauer, Manager and Senior Marketing Strategist at Luna Solutions, has been a design partner for the last four years.

Rachel said Launch was great. She said there was awesome content, it was a great way to connect with the Rocketspark team and a nice way to celebrate everyone at the awards dinner.

“It built my overall confidence and connection to Rocketspark, which has made it easier to ‘sell’ it to clients. It helped solidify why we have chosen to partner with Rocketspark.”

Rachel said she loved having the opportunity to contribute to Rocketspark’s roadmap.

“I enjoyed the final exercise where we used post-it notes to show the functionality we really wanted for the development roadmap.

“I would absolutely recommend Launch to other partners. We spend so much time working IN our businesses, and Launch is a great opportunity to take some time out and work ON your business and enhance your knowledge and build relationships,” Rachel said.

Join us at Launch 2021, grab your tickets here.


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