Best Client Impact Award

Do you have a client that’s experienced impressive business success as a result of a website you’ve designed? Whether it’s increased sales, more leads or increased exposure, we want to hear about their business success story and the strategies you used to help them grow. 

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Best Client Impact Award Terms:

  • You must be a Rocketspark Design Partner to be eligible.
  • The website must be hosted on Rocketspark.
  • You must have permission from the client for their website to appear in Rocketspark’s marketing promotion.
  • Nominations close at 5pm, Friday 26th March 2021. 
  • For a site to be eligible for entry, it must have been upgraded on or after January 1st 2020, unless you previously submitted for Launch 2020.  
  • You are able to enter more than one website for this award. 
  • The winner will be announced at the Partner Awards Dinner on Tuesday 20th April 2021.